I'm Jason, and since 2000 I’ve been a dedicated and passionate game developer, focused on technical art in an effort to empower artists. I've created environment art for RTS games, wrote tools for music rhythm games, built entire editors and pipelines for open-world games and served on a field team supporting internal and external developers.

As an expert in identifying workflow inefficiencies and predicting future problems, I can design and implement solutions ranging from tool development, pipeline development, workflow improvements, maintaining and scaling systems or even education for a studio.

I believe the Tech Art discipline is best served when working with and for the artists in your studio, freeing them to focus on their craft. When you build and deliver toolsets that are intuitive and efficient, artists are allowed to create and realize a higher satisfaction in their work.

In recent years, I've also been working in the Technologist space where I help realize new ideas, proving them viable or not through prototyping and early development. Much like the Technical Art discipline, being a Technologist is about realizing and enriching a new or better user experience. With this experience, I can build physical hardware or software related prototype experiences.

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